Laura Farnhill - bio and works

Laura Farnhill is an award-winning Perth-based artist whose works have been exhibited in Western Australia’s most prestigious art exhibitions.  She has been painting for 15 years, has a Diploma in Fine Art and has owned two art galleries, one in Perth and one in Melbourne. 


Her work is focussed on Australian landscapes and iconic buildings, inspired by her painting-oriented travel around Australia.  Working in both oils and acrylics, Laura’s work is characterised by bold colours and attention to detail. 


In addition to producing fine art paintings, some of Laura’s work is now available in framed art prints, as well as an array of accessories including prints of her work on tote bags, T-towels and aprons.  She frequently sells her work in Perth’s top-end art and craft markets. 


Laura is also well-known for her wall murals, which add style to internal and external areas in homes.  She offers a range of custom designs to suit your needs, style and tastes -whether it’s a tropical environment, a child’s magical bedroom, or an abstract design.   


Laura has also produced numerous painting commissions, and is available to explore other commercial art opportunities. 


She has also conducted painting workshops, often with a therapeutic theme, as she completes a degree in art therapy.